The Secret Story of the Maker

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A story about TUZYUN SHUZO to tell your friends

Stylish café transformed from brewery’s warehouse

Built in 1854, Tsujunkyo Bridge, one of the largest stone-arch aqueducts in Japan, has become a popular sightseeing spot in Yamato-cho. The bridge has the same name as TUZYUN SHUZO (it's just spelled differently). One remarkable note is the brewery was built in the late Edo period - 60 years before the bridge was constructed!
Although severely damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2008, the brewery was renovated in 2019. The quaint ambience of the warehouse is still intact, but the inside of the warehouse now looks like a fashionable luxury ryokan (Japanese-style hotel). A wide variety of food items such as sandwich plates and sweets, in addition to sake tasting sets are offered, so even those who do not drink sake can enjoy themselves on the brewery grounds and in the charming cafe.