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Junmai Ginjo-Shu Semi

All the ingredients such as the high-quality rice, Yamada Nishiki and Hana Nishiki, and the crystal clear groundwater used in making this wonderful sake are locally procured.
"After the brewing process, Junmai Ginjo-Shu Semi is matured for a year in the warehouse cellar before shipping, hence its name 'Semi (cicada)' has been derived from the image of cicadas spending their larval stage underground, which resembles our sake production" says Yasuo Yamashita, president of the company. "Letting the sake mature over a year makes the sake milder and adds a fruitier flavor to it. The first glass of sake is light, but as you drink the second and third, the umami flavor spreads in your mouth. It is an ideal sake for dining, and goes perfectly with seafood dishes, as well as cheese and other dairy products," adds President Yamashita.